Friday, January 12, 2018

Aquaman vs. Cthulhu actually happened! + All the Memes

Aquaman actually fought Cthulhu in DC Comics!

Once, in The Brave and the Bold #32 (2010), Aquaman teams up with the Demon to journey to an underwater city, fight fishmen, and stop the horrible menace of Cth. . . wait, is that still under copyright?  Some idiots claim they own it but have no papers to prove it?  It's actually in the public domain now?  Nevermind, we'll call it, um, a Night God.  That's great!  Let's go to print!

Then, in Aquaman Vol 7 #23 (2013).

Oh, but wait, that's Aquaman's buddy, Topo, from Prime Earth.  Topo is a sentient octopus that first appeared in Adventure Comics #229 (1956).  Wanna see what he used to look like?


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