Friday, August 30, 2019

Cult of Cthulhu

The First United Church of Cthulhu is evolving and changing shape.  To buy a commercial property they want a 30-40% down payment up front as well as a solid history of income flow to qualify.  Priests are allowed to live on property, thus selling my current home would free up income towards the church.  But they said my day job would not count towards church income.  And that size of down payment is ridiculous, obviously intended to keep small businesses from purchasing, forcing them to rent at higher rates and reserving purchasing for other investment groups.  And that would eat up too much of the money from the sale of my home, so I would not be able to furnish and decorate the church properly.  And current church income is too small and fluctuates too much from month to month to qualify.

So I am currently working with realtors and contractors to see if I can qualify to get a small piece of land and get a house built on it.  Then I can build a big Cthulhu statue out back and we can host some private events.  Tentacle Party at the Dread House!!!