Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mass Eulogy for Death List + Memorial

You know it's a bad month when you have to make a list of all the people who passed away to make sure you haven't missed anyone. The greatest consolation is that they were all from natural causes, no suicides are other senseless loss of life.

I've never sugarcoated death. Their story has ended, but ours go on. They will always be an important chapter in our book of life. The past should be remembered, but not relived. Life is lived forward.

Kiara Miatosa - a kind heart and sweet smile.  A friend from the cosplay and steampunk community.  

Ken Murphy - just an all around good dude.  Open to people of all beliefs, we are undecided on if he is spending time listening to the pipers in Azathoth's court, singing ballads in the beer halls of Valhalla, or just chillin' with Buddha.

Wakako Kawagoshi-Fisher - possibly the most tragic passing.  Her husband, pictured with her, Hart Fisher is the founder of Boneyard Press who currently runs American Horrors, a streaming horror channel.  Their relationship was one which everyone aspires to but very few ever achieve.  Their love was evident and everpresent.

Then several other friends have each lost loved ones; a father, a mother, a childhood friend, another mutual friend, and several family pets. A few were upset at the loss of Stephen Hawking, but he kinda lost his mind at the end, raving about fearing aliens invading the earth or AI destroying humanity.

I will also include my April Memorial.  Two of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of knowing but have passed into the great beyond were both lost to the world in April, so it is a very somber and introspective time for me every year.  A time to reflect on the previous year and ask myself, "Did I enjoy it?  Did I at least accomplish something worthwhile?  Have I progressed towards the goals that I want to achieve with the limited time I have left on this planet?  Did I live my life to the fullest?"  If not, how do I rectify that.

Desiree Duponte - had an incredible passion for life and music, and damn could she shred!  Though I only knew her for a few years, it was like we had been lifelong friends.  I dedicated Got a Bad Case of the Horribly Wrongs to her, and her phenomenal musical talent was the inspiration for the guitarist priestess character Strawberry Cthcake.

Sid Copeland - proprietor of the punk bar Jughead's (now also gone).  After having Thanksgiving dinner with his actual flesh and blood family, he would open the bar and have Thanksgiving dinner with his punk family who didn't have anyone else to spend the holiday with or have anywhere else to go.  It was a free, full blown, serve yourself, turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes and yams from a can Thanksgiving dinner.  He did the same on Christmas Eve.  I and my friends broke bread and vodka with Sid quite a few times.  Sid was the heart of the punk community of that bygone era.

¡Viva Sid!