Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland

Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland
is the SICKEST steampunk horror book ever written!

One model withdrew permission to user her picture
because the book is

And she is a working professional in the horror industry!

It’s like Lewis Carroll, H. P. Lovecraft, Jules Verne, Walt Disney and the Marquis de Sade threw an Orgy & Murder Party; and you’re invited!
The best written trash you will ever read.
Exactly what it sounds like and much worse than you think!
You will be ashamed for loving it!

It’s tentacular!

Try the insanity, it’s delicious!

Out of space.
Out of time.
Out of control.

"Curiouser and curiouser"
"More and more strange and increasingly bizarre!"

All the sex and violence that was missing from the original Alice in Wonderland is now here! Alice the chrononaut falls down an unmarked dimensional rift, or rabbit hole, which transports her to the wondrous lands as imagined by author Lewis Carroll.

But this is a very real place, as any parallel reality that can be thought of can be created. Wonderland is being torn apart by warring kingdoms, cruel monarchs, cosmic corporations, odd gods, and the forces of Cthulhu!

Characters from both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There are joined by a cast of Disney-like talking animals as well as fantastical creatures such as mermaids, faeries, trolls, and minotaurs. And then the fighting and fornicating ensues!

"Life is not a game, it is an arcade."

The books contains over 100 illustrations, pictures, and graphics.
All images are SFW, it's just the story that is morally reprehensible!
Lots of killing and fucking in a past that never was!

What is it exactly?

Steampunk horror?
Victorian gore porn?
Fucked up fantasy?
Historical hentai?
YA parapornal romance?
Anachronistic splatterpunk erotica?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Meh. Yes!

The Girl with the Rusty Heart

Excerpt from the Mad Tea Party

      There was a trail of bodies leading across the lawn to a twisted and bent oak tree, underneath of which was a large table with a checkered cloth covering it. Numerous mismatched chairs had been set around in a haphazard manner. More place settings than persons who could be comfortably accommodated had been put out. Stacks of teacups littered the table as well as at least a dozen teapots of unusual shapes and sizes. The creamers had been filled carelessly and to overflowing. And there was twice as many sugar bowls than all the other teaware combined.
      “Whoever killed all these people did a terrible job,” Alice thought as she stepped over them daintily. "No one takes pride in their work anymore. Even psychopaths are becoming lazy and careless. Such haphazard strokes. No thought as to where the models, uh, bodies fell or how they lay."
      Weasel trotted along behind, “This is a very untrustable trio. The March Hare and the Dopemouse are just sycophants, but the Mad Hatter is dangerous. Don’t underestimate him.
      “Why so worrisome, Weasel?”
      “Wary, not worrisome. His madness is contagious.”
      “Don’t worry, wary weasel.”
      Hatter and March Hare were power lounging while Dopemouse was fast asleep between the two of them. They were using him as a cushion, and as a napkin. The table was large but all three were clustered at one corner.
      They saw the woman and the weasel approaching and cried in unison, “There is no room!”
      Alice stepped up next to them and swept her chainsaw blade across the top of the table sending cups, dishes, and teapots crashing over the side. She forcefully sat down her chainsaw in the newly opened space, “Now there’s room,” and proceeded to recline in the cushy armchair at the head of the table.


Actual, physical, real world copy