Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland 2 - title + cover reveal

Chainsaw Alice in the Dim Thule of Edgar Allan Poe is the sequel to Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland.  I always juggle numerous projects, bouncing back and forth between them.  I've got another short book for Don't Let Them Take You Alive the action horror roleplaying game of the Modern Cthulhu Mythos finishing up right now.  I'll drop that in a few days.

Having survived her battles in the court of the Queen of Hearts, Alice finds herself in a shadowy realm where Edgar Allan Poe is God and his creations have been given life.  The Lady of the Chain must traverse this strange land and find a way out, encountering numerous dubious denizens, including Annabel Lee, the ravenous Lenore, and the secret, the thing, the Hell of the planetary souls -- Ulalume.

As well as appearances by other dark, twisted creations of Poe hideously realized, such as the Angel of the Odd and the House of Usher itself!

The White Rabbit came from a big family, and his big brother wants revenge!  Tuella, the 2 of Hearts, leads an expedition from Wonderland into the Dim Thule to find and kill Alice.

Alice will discovery more of her shadowy past, fight the invasive forces of the Cthulhu Mythos who seek to destroy Poe, and try to escape this maddening world of the Dark Mind.