Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pickman's App - original cover art

Pickman's App is a modern storyline continuation of Lovecraft's works Pickman's Model, Azathoth, and The Transition of Juan Romero which are combined into a twisting tale of dark discoveries.

The picture above is the cover art that I went with, but originally was going to use other artwork by nakaoart.  I contacted the artist about commissioning their art to use for the cover, but they were unfortunately going through some difficult family matters and would have to get back to me.  They never got back to me.

Here is the original artwork I wanted to use:

This art reflects the playful yet hidden monstrous sides of the mysterious lead character Ebrill.

Instead, other artwork was used, and this is how Ebrill turned out.  Not as "animated" but still portraying an incredible noir cool with only a couple pictures.

You can get a copy here:  Pickman's App

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Not Safe For Children

Not Safe For Children
Stupid.  Weird.  Fun.

It's like National Lampoon's Sesame Street.

Sometimes, you get bored.  Idle minds are Cthulhu's playground, or some shit like that.

Not Safe For Children