Friday, December 11, 2015

Know Your Tentacles!

I love tentacles! I love art! I love information! That's why it sucks when so many cool pictures, memes, and video clips get passed around with no tags at all as to their source. I kept seeing this picture or an animated gif of it reposted time and again but I kept forgetting the name of the film it was from. For some reason the animated gif is in black and white, and it is a period piece with era specific clothing and sets, so a lot of people think it is a much older film.

It is actually from 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, a 2011 Hong Kong 3D erotic costume drama. It is a new installment of the Sex and Zen series which is loosely based on The Carnal Prayer Mat, a Chinese erotic novel by 17th century author and playwright Li Yu.

It has been called “Crouching Tiger meets The Joy of Sex.”

Here is the trailer:

Here is the full film:

Cthulhu be praised!


  1. The movie is no longer available on YouTube, but thanks a ton for nailing the title! :)