Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jack and Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas

Possibly the most shared meme of Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and definitely one of the best pieces of fan art of those two fateful characters. It took me years of hunting through uncredited blog listings, degraded copy-and-reposts, and reversed image searches, to finally find the artist and the source image.

Artist Name: Lulu Inthesky
Real Name: Laetitia Lamblin
Main Site:

This is the original, unedited version

This is the meme version that went viral.  Obviously, the motivational succor of "Your soulmate is the person who mends your Broken Heart, by simply giving you, Theirs," complete with the internet generation's poor grammar, was added.  Though it is a great sentiment and I'm sure helped with its viral nature, I somehow doubt the editor of the image also wrote the verse.

Here are some of her early pencil/shading works whose style I prefer. Her work has evolved towards a cleaner/pen-and-ink style which I think becomes more common, more mainstream, too mid-20th century cartoonish, and not nearly as creative or as beautiful as her earlier work. Artists change, you just can't trust 'em. ;) 


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