Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Steampunk Dragons Game - Flight Rising

Flight Rising is not a steampunk-specific game but the customizable aspect of being able to dress your dragon up in steampunk attire is a wonderful part, similar to various other virtual paper doll apps that are available online. It is a great piece of make-your-own steampunk art for those of us who love dragons and steampunk, and the combination of the two subgenres (normally called Gaslamp Fantasy), but don't have any real artistic ability to be able to create such characters on our own.
Flight Rising is a browser-based game where players lead an elemental clan of dragons and work with other clans to gain supremacy in the realm. It features dragon breeding, battles, adventures, item collection, and mini-games.
Breed dragons for thousands of breed, gene, and color combinations. Collect hundreds of items, including dragon apparel, skins, and familiars. Fight your dragons against monsters or other dragon clans by battling in the arena. Play a selection of mini-games to earn high scores and loads of treasure for your clan. Also participate in site-wide battles against the other elemental dragon flights for dominance of the realm.
Gameplay is similar to Neo Pets and the steampunk imagery is reminiscent of the dragon player characters from the Rifts and Palladium games. It's not a game that I would choose to play on a regular basis (get off the internet and go read a book, kid!) as I find all of these types of breeding/sim games to be dreadfully boring. But the artwork is beautiful. You can use it to make yourself a neato steampunk dragon to save as a background pic, screen saver, or avatar pic.


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