Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Chainsaw Alice returns!

Chainsaw Alice returns!  After her trials and tribulations in Wonderland, Alice has a whole new world to explore and escape from.  This dark domain is being invaded by Mythos creatures determined to harness the immense cosmic powers that dwell therein.

The original Chainsaw Alice in Wonderland was a young woman's journey of self discovery (of chainsaw decapitation and tentacle sex).  Now she will have to confront and cope with those revelations while fighting her way across a dreary landscape to stop the enslavement and destruction of this place.

And the Cheshire Cat can't help her.

Coming as soon as I finish writing it.  All the villains, monsters, and wondrous characters have had their pictures taken and are ready to fight!  The plot is structured, the end was written first, now I just need to get her there.

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