Saturday, December 29, 2018

Cyberspawn of Cthulhu, Lawnmower Man, Nyarlathotech, and other Dead Things

"I must find a way out."

The Lawnmower Man is dead on the line
The Blood Twins are missing, with Flu from behind
Shadowslaves, microwaves
Living in a time when love is a crime

Closing in on you
I'll pass you in the end
Time was always the enemy
But I thought you were my friend

No loyalties, no royalties
If I'm defied you're dead to me

Bruised and broken
A worthless token
Introvert, it's gonna hurt
For what was unspoken

You either don't or you know
Feed the Nightflowe
Deskinned, taken in
You should have been Roe'd

Risk is a life and you'll never take it
I'm back is a truth and you'll never break it
Just do what you always do
Smile along and fake it

Trapped in my hostility field
Shooting at you with temper flares
No one's free, except for me
I hate you and no one cares

You'd better watch your Suistryde
Better men have died

"This universe is mine.  I am GOD here."

Goodbye 2018.  You can fuck off.

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