Saturday, May 5, 2018

My Kids Quit Star Wars - Has Disney Lost the Next Generation?

My kids have quit Star Wars.  

My son is 12 and my daughter is 10.  They loved the original trilogy.  They only saw parts of the prequel trilogy, but played a bunch of the video games based on them, saw the animated Clone Wars film, and watched a ton of the Clone Wars animated series when it was on Cartoon Network.

But now, they could care less, they've moved on.

After Star Wars - The Force Awakens, "They killed Han Solo.  That's bull crap.  Chewbacca would have chased Kylo Ren and killed him.  This is stupid!"

My son went to see Star Wars - The Last Jedi with his aunt.  Afterwards, he told me, "Dad, you're gonna hate this movie.  They made Luke a grumpy old man.  He quits being a jedi.  Luke wouldn't give up.  He'd fight.  This is stupid!"  I was glad to see that the bullshit Rian Johnson pulled with the film wasn't flying with the little kids, either.

After hearing about Luke from her brother, and with the death of Carrie Fisher, my daughter didn't want me to take her to see it.  "They killed Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, and the real Princess Leia died so she won't be coming back in the next one.  I don't care anymore."  She always liked Leia more than Rey.

Me:  "They're making a Star Wars TV series!"
Them:  "It will probably be bad like the new movies."

Me:  "Hey!  The new Han Solo movie is coming out in a few weeks."
Them:  "That's not Han Solo!  That guy doesn't look or sound like Han Solo at all."
Me:  "But it's got Chewbacca in it.  It's about when Han and Chewie were young."  And Chewbacca is my daughter's favorite character.
Them:  "We don't care.  Go see it without us."

And with that, my kids were done with Star Wars.  They and their friends only talk about Avengers, Fortnite and other video games, and some of the random Netflix shows and animes.  Star Wars no longer interests them.  Obviously, they are only a small sample of kids, but if this trend is the same throughout their age group, Disney may have lost the next generation of filmgoers.  The new trilogy has embittered young and old to the franchise, that and over saturation will "force" a decline in the public's overall interest.  And they will only be able to mine so much nostalgia out of the old characters before those who grew up with the original trilogy lose interest as well; plus the loss as their generation dies off.  It will stop being important to drink your prune juice out of an R2-D2 sippy cup.


  1. I never comment in blogs, but this is real. real deep....and real shitty

    1. Good thing the opinions of fuckwad trolls doesn't matter.

  2. Woah! After going through this post, I can just say that there is a possibility that the new generation kids are going to be very different. I will make sure that my kids watch Marvel series, and also some of Andy Yeatman shows because the shows that he programmed were the ones that were entertaining and educating.